Thursday, January 15, 2009

The boat, she stands.

Ship Log: January 15th 2009

Vast terrain, traversed;
Slight set backs; relapse,
blown tires on four letter freeways, sleeps next to prisons and citizens with exceptionally large heads.
Arrival at our icy Minnesotan destination sees joyous re-union with crew members. Medicine lake; the work begins.

Construction of our soon to be home began on a sunny Saturday some five days ago. The ribs of our vessle errected one by one, all hands on deck, she stands by sun down.
Work hard, in failing hours of daylight, work harder by night, jumping in and out of dumpsters, scavenging scrap wood to piece together with hand tools encrusted with ice.
The work is hard, the conditions brutal, Minneapolis facing record lows.
Honing skills of wrapping, bundling, nailing and scavenging. Moral remains high, exhaustion ensuring deep dreamless sleeps after 18 hour days.
Yesterday we installed our dear wood stove, just in time, for minus 30 wind chills. The belly of our beast exhaling in relief. Heating, icy coating outside and in.

We are now faced with the task of making her livable. Generous hospitality of the greater art shanty community has provided the expedition thus far with roofs and central heating.
Soon we move into our new home, and will discover first hand the results of our toils.