Sunday, January 4, 2009

Huts, hats, n' heat (or lack there of)

getting things started...

From one hut to the next, last night's voyage from thrift store in north Carolina, brings the expedition to rest, if only briefly, in a hut of true comfort, One with central heating and home cooked meals, in rural Virginia.

I wake up from dreams filled with lacking sweaters, and embarrassing novels discovered in my luggage.
Preparation: this is a difficult concept to conceive of, when embarking into the unknown.

we will fold and re-fold our wolly socks and long johns, pack tarp upon glove upon log, and hope for the best, as we drive north, away from green leaves in january, to frozen windswept ice and cold cold cold.

Did you catch me saying i loved winter? yes, i do, and will try to remember my reasonings for this in a mere 6 days, when luxuries such as lightswitches and plumbing go down the drain and get frozen in the pipes along the way.