Friday, January 2, 2009

the now of things

i am, at this very moment,
gathering myself for the send-off
and dealing with a paralyzing fear of failure.

in a skewed green room i simmered for hours last night
realizing shackleton's endurance
came from wrestling the expedition's rational failure
in order to be eternalized as a shifted sort of success.

i can only hope that this night will be different.
that i will close my eyes and slow my breathing
and sir ernest will bend to whisper in my dreamtime

i am understanding things daily.

impossibility allows excellence,
adversity allows affection,
capsizing leads to courage.

& so, we have predestined ourselves to fail, to fall,
to stand on ground that will shift beneath us
and force our thinking
into an expanse
one simply
be rescued

fortitudime vincimus